Saturday, July 25, 2009

Divide and be conquered

Musical Daddy is having a heck of a time with The Boy and his medical issues. The medication being delivered rectally is exactly as much fun as it sounds. Pair that with a night nurse who just doesn't seem to have it together and you have a recipe for a miserable night.

Meanwhile, I am here with Tiny Guy who took forever to sleep. He rewarded me for my efforts by sleeping from 11:30 to 3:30. At that point, he woke to eat and for some reason was very gassy and had to be taken off to burp every 10 minutes. For over an hour. Finally it seemed like he was done being hungry, so I put him in his bed and turned on some tunes for him. I was able to doze a bit, but he never did fall asleep and was up at about 5:10. And is now eating again.

Problem is, a lot of the time, he can't be soothed any other way, other than nursing. Which is normal, I know, but the big wounds I have wish that he would respond to other things.

If he is asleep, I should be too.


JC said...

So sorry to hear about David. Hope you heal soon and he will find some other way to soothe himself than sucking on you. I remember the pain!!! But, I'd do it all over again. :)

The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

Sounds like he is needing to cluster feed. I remember those days, not comfortable for mommy at all. Have you tried all the Happiest Baby techniques: swaddle, swing, side, shh, suck...? Just trying to think of something that would help... I hope that today is a better day for the four of you. And I hope grandma is coming back soon! Grandmas are heroes!