Sunday, July 5, 2009

likely going in again soon

Things are definitely happening. I'm remembering now what "regular" contractions actually felt like when I was in labor with The Boy. Definitely painful but not unbearable. Even though those were induced, I don't think that the induction was that strong, so I'm feeling similar things on my own this time around. It hurts but it's not horrible. Horrible only happened toward the end last time. But it took a little while for the contractions to develop from inoffensive to a little more painful, whereas last time it went more quickly.

I would not like my membranes ruptured ("water broken"). I'd rather prefer that it happen on its own. Or, if the baby is born "in the caul" with membranes intact it's a sign that he is going to be very wise.

But I really want to wait longer so that I go in and I've definitely progressed and I don't have to putz around in the hospital any longer than necessary.

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Sarah R said...

Good luck! I guess last night was just pre-labor....looks like Baby Bear will arrive today! :)