Monday, July 27, 2009

The Baby Code

Penelope Leach defines the "settled baby" phase as beginning after the first month. Her book, Your Baby And Child, has been around for awhile. I recall seeing it sitting around the house when I was young. I actually read the book during The Boy's baby phase. Anyhow, the implication is that a baby is unsettled during the first month. I'll agree.

So much of that first month is just trying to figure out what the baby wants and how he wants it. Cracking the code, if you will. The Boy: semi-predictable feeder. Loved the front-pack carrier. Loved the car. And rocking chair. Tiny Guy: slightly more settled in his eating but still always hungry. Loves the sling. Beginning to tolerate the car. Loves the sunshine. And walks outside. Loves being naked. The Boy didn't until he was older.

It takes time to figure things out. And then they change. Children get older, too, and the decoding process continues.

Same deal with toddlers. And eleven-year-olds. Except that toddlers talk a little bit. And eleven-year-olds talk a lot. Sometimes, it makes them easier to understand.


Heather said...

Molly- I hope things are settling down a little bit for you. Thinking about you always.

Sarah R said...

It is weird how different they can be; you already can predict that they will have quite different (yet complementary) personalities. As for myself, I'm hoping Baby #2 is not colicky or acid refluxy. That was no fun!

The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

I like how my friend explains it. She says that when you have a child it feels as if you are always in some sort of season and the seasons change, just after you get used to them, of course. You know how you get into the summer and suddenly it's freezing cold again? As parents, it feels like we are always trying to figure out/learn about something. I dont think it ever ends! I guess that means we won't get bored ever again!

JC said...

Yay for not being bored!? It does seem that it is always a learning process with your children...and sometimes a frustrating one. Summer has gotten whiny and it just grates my last nerve!!! Still trying to figure out how to handle it and get her to stop. :( All of this cancer has just turned her rotten at times. Oh well, life goes on. :)