Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wandering Jew

It feels SO much better to walk around during labor. Can't do that when you are stuck in bed, that's for sure.

Musical Daddy is catching a nap. Now is a good time--just progressing as I am.


Elana Kahn said...

Yay!! I'm so glad things are progressing! You keep walking around...and hopefully gravity will help the Little Man get here faster. I can't wait to see pics! Maybe I can convince my mom to drive with me down to NJ next Sunday IY"H for a bris? hmmm She wants to do something fun...

Sarah R said...

LOL at your title. (Andrew refers to juice as "Jew"...hehe).

I loved walking around during labor, even if I had to trail that stupid IV with me. The hardest part was during a contraction--I had to brace myself and work through the pain.

You're going to do just fine, and I would imagine sometime this evening we will get to meet Baby Bear! (Isn't it nice to be in the hospital for something fun for a change?)