Saturday, July 25, 2009

When it rains, it pours

And fortunately, sometimes that is even true for good news.

This morning we had some friends come over. Even if all they did was visit, I would have been thrilled. They came to help, and boy, did they ever! "They" are a couple with a little girl who is 4 months old. He mowed the lawn and got us food at the farmer's market. She cleaned toys, organized in the kitchen, and vacuumed the floor while I did laundry, dishes, and cleaned some surfaces. Oh yeah, and rested a bit too. It is such a jumpstart to have people come and help because you feel like you can do the work so much more quickly. And how nice just to talk.

The two babies were quite fascinated by each other.

Musical Daddy was home to see them for awhile. My sister spent the day with The Boy and had good reports when she called.

Tiny Guy was angry about something, but I really didn't think that feeding was the thing, and even so... I was wiped. And sore. And he had been fed. I did pump the left side and made the bottle an option. Then I slept. For two hours. I did get four hours plus three hours last night; clearly I needed more. Tiny Guy eventually did take the bottle. It was about two ounces, after he had already spent a lot of time nursing on the other side. I don't worry too much about nipple confusion, because Tiny Guy has such a preference for the real thing. The Boy was the same way.

Yes, I said nipple. We all have them. Mine actually do something.

Anyhow, it was great to have good things happen.

The Minoxidil really works. BP is good and The Boy slept much better overall. He is off the two liquid BP meds that he got three times a day. He will stay on the Cozaar and Vasotec once his potassium goes back down, because those are good for the kidney. He will also get a water pill. Just like Grandma. And his other Grandpa too (my mom; his dad). He did eat some today. Who knows what the potassium clearing medicine (I will get a spelling on it and write the name soon) did to his insides. Well, we do know, and it caused lots of stuff to come out of his rear end. I think that if we have to, we could give it orally. Just slowly. It is a lot of volume, but not a horrible substance. Sweet and pleasant, not too slimy. It is a matter of him feeling a bit better.

So the medicine regimen is now Minoxidil, water pill, Vasotec, and Cozaar each once a day. BiCitra three times a day, as he is still acidotic. Not sure about quantities and how that will look. Much more humane, because he isn't getting so much liquid shoved at him.

I am waiting to see when Tiny Guy will wake up and want to eat, after which we will probably take a walk. Musical Daddy said it was a lovely day.


Musical Daddy said...

Heh. You said, "nipples."

The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

Scandalous! How could you dare type such a thing?! Oh, wait, it's because you use them for what they were originally meant for! Us breastfeeding mamas have no prob talking about boobies, even on our public blogs!