Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I got your irony right here

Knowing that my sons already have quite the sense of irony, intentional or not, I'm just blown away by this next twist in The Boy's medical journey.

It's not necessarily such a bad thing, but it is worth a chuckle.

The Boy is on four blood pressure medications, and still his blood pressure is way too high. We thought that perhaps he'd get better after being discharged, but he hasn't, so far.

The nephrologist said that they'd try a different medication and gradually take him off of some of the others, and that even though they haven't used it on someone as young as The Boy, it has always worked in other patients and she is confident that it will work for him.

The name of the new medicine is Minoxidil.

For those keeping score at home, that is the drug name for the brand Rogaine. You know, the stuff that grows hair. I don't really see it having that effect on The Boy, and I would wager that the medicine was developed for the purpose of lowering blood pressure. When they saw that it was growing hair on people, they probably were able to sell a whole lot more of it.

And let's see who wins--chemo or Minoxidil. Something tells me that even Minoxidil won't grow hair on a cancer patient.


Elana Kahn said...

Hehe that is quite funny! Please make sure to let us know if The Boy starts growing hair. :-)

Btw, my word verification for this post is "vanila"...mmmm except spelled wrong.

Sarah R said...

Aw man! Youngest Rogaine patient ever.

Well, whatever happens, I hope you guys are able to get his BP under control.

JC said...

Hope it works...for both! :)

mommybird said...

That is pretty funny. I hope it works for him, the fewer medicines the better when you're dealing with so many anyway.