Sunday, August 2, 2009


I have had almost no time to sit at the computer and update. It's been crazy in the house with two children who both need LOTS of things.

The Boy is okay. Still not back to his normal self. Granted, he hasn't been himself for the entire month of July. Or half of June, or much of May, or the end of April. While in the hospital this last time, he ate very little. Once he got home, he did decide to eat.

Yesterday's diet consisted of mostly fruit. Not great for the kid who has already been pooping too much.

Tiny Guy had his 1 month checkup, albeit a bit early. He is 11 pounds 1.5 ounces and 23 inches tall. Big dude. He is clearly eating well although I'm still having trouble off and on in the nursing department. Oddly enough, he has decided that he will sometimes take a bottle from me, and pumping is much less painful than a hungry little nursling on open wounds, so he's been having bottles today. We found the right bottle nipple for him, which is the same one that The Boy preferred as a little one. Has to be the rubber Nuk nipples. Not the clear silicone ones. But anyhow, a large chunk of the day like this will hopefully allow me to heal properly.

So much for the quiet...but just to summarize, everything is kinda okay for now.

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JC said...

Hope you heal quickly!!! Love the pics of your guys. So sweet!