Monday, August 3, 2009

You'd think it could only get better

Tough morning at the center for counts. I figured that I'd take both boys, because that's what I'll be doing frequently, and Musical Daddy wanted to go into work.

I have two very high-needs children and it is pretty darned difficult to do for both at the same time. So I have to figure out ways to balance things out. For example:

Rule 1: never pick up The Boy while nursing Tiny Guy unless it is in the recliner at home. Picking him up anywhere else causes back pain. And further injury.

Rule 2: there are people at the center who would be perfectly willing to hold Tiny Guy for a bit, who is generally cranky in the morning. Let them.

Rule 3: don't feel guilty about the fact that the baby cries. It's louder to the person holding him than it is to anyone around me.

Rule 4: find a way to get the results of blood tests sooner. So we can leave sooner. And show up early for the same reason.

Rule 5: when possible, don't show up alone. Two boys and me means that I am outnumbered.

So now I'm sitting here with a sore back and hoping that Tiny Guy will sleep a little longer before waking up to eat.


Sarah R said...

Hugs!!! Aw man.....

Alina said...

Hang in there, I am thinking of you (every time I see a cloth diaper!) and keeping my fingers tight so all goes smoothly for you guys from now on.

Sarah said...

I like your rules! I have to change my way of thinking to make some things work better. I hope it works out for you, particularily the one about trying not to be out numbered.

JC said...

Wonderwoman??? :)