Friday, August 7, 2009

Snoring Symphony

My parents arrived at about 1AM. Tiny Guy woke up not long after and of course my mother swooped in and grabbed him.

I fed him, and then she changed him and took him again. I don't have any problem with Grandma getting some of those baby snuggles.

The Boy was up a few times but was easily resettled.

Now, at a bit after 7AM, I'm awake. Tiny Guy was awake but fell back asleep on my lap.

And everyone else is snoring. I guess Musical Daddy doesn't snore too much, but The Boy does to an extent. Not that you can hear it over the sawing that my parents are doing.

But as wonderful as they are, they can snore all they like.

I wish I were still sleeping but I'm...just not. Fortunately, with my parents being here, I don't have to worry about being able to grab a nap at some point. My father can take the boys for a walk (it's been over 2 decades since he's handled a double stroller). I figure that with there being 4 adults and 2 children in the house right now, someone can generally catch a nap.

Last night the boys and I went to see Musical Daddy direct his chorus at a gazebo concert. You'd think that taking two children to an outside show, where they don't really need to be quiet, would be easy, but it certainly was not. The Boy had a good time, except that he frequently wanted to try and go get Daddy, which of course he wasn't allowed to do. But he was able to play with the guys before the show and even go on the playground...which I really didn't want because his white count isn't fabulous but hand wipes are a good thing. Tiny Guy was hungry but didn't necessarily want to eat well. So he was mad for much of the evening. And eating frequently.

I saw one of the chorus teachers from school. He said that it's hard to believe that school is starting soon. I told him I wished I was coming back to school but circumstances being what they are, it wasn't happening. He didn't realize that I'm actually on leave and am slated to return in the fall of 2010. I think I will, too, even though The Boy will not quite be done with treatment. I'll need to burn through most of my sick days at the beginning of the schoolyear and will probably have to have other people help me with The Boy's appointments, as he is currently going to the center twice a week. Sometimes, when he goes for counts, we can tell that he is fine and doesn't need anything done to him. I guess the whole thing becomes so routine.

Anyhow, since Tiny Guy is asleep on my lap, I may just join him for a few minutes.


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