Thursday, August 13, 2009

Victory is mine!

The following things happened yesterday:

Both boys actually napped at the same time.

The Boy did not throw up at all yesterday and ate four meals.

I successfully nursed Tiny Guy in the sling while eating dinner and serving dinner to The Boy.

Right there, those are major events in our house. The second one needs no further explanation. The first one, if I may elaborate, went as follows: Tiny Guy was in the front carrier, where I put him while he was happy so that he would get used to being in it. He started to fuss. Musical Daddy recommended running the vacuum cleaner because it might calm him down. It did. So now I'll be running the vacuum more often, I suppose. He fell asleep in the carrier, and I was actually able to transfer him successfully into his bassinet.

With Tiny Guy in bed, I could concentrate on The Boy. He was also pretty tired. We read "The Monster At The End Of This Book" and he was getting sleepy, so I brought him into bed. It didn't take long before he, too, was asleep. Observe:

So I got to finish putting away laundry and relax a bit.

We went for a quick walk to the library, and we got home just about in time to avoid the big rainstorm.

The Boy napped again, with Daddy, and then on his own. I made dinner. Musical Daddy left for marching band rehearsal. I had dinner with The Boy and Tiny Guy was crying. I figured I'd put him in the sling to make him feel better but that I'd keep on eating. He was positioned just fine for nursing, and it seemed like he was hungry, so on he went. And it worked! He ate for nearly half an hour while I had hands free to do the things I needed to do. He is so cute.

I brought the boys to the end of the rehearsal, to show them off. The Boy enjoyed himself, looking at the instruments and conducting. Daddy took him while I went shopping at Trader Joe's with Tiny Guy. He started to scream in the car on the way home, so priority number one after getting home was to feed him again.

He also spent most of last night in his bassinet. He had a feeding at midnight and another at 4, then was up off and on from 5:30.

He is also quite a heavy wetter at night. We may need to start double-stuffing soon, or using only hemp inserts at night, because I'm not keen on waking up wet.


mommybird said...

Sounds like a great day! I love it when my kid's naps coincide with eachother. We're double stuffing at night now and it really helps her to wake up dry, most of the time:)I didn't think those newborn inserts would ever be used but they are a life saver now.

Sarah said...

awesome that the day feel into place nicely!

My son was a heavy wetter, and when I could no longer stuff hemp doublers in I started using wool covers. The wool covers were a blessing and caught any little bit that went thru. Poor little boy was rather thick at night time.