Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just give in...

The Boy and Daddy are dozing on the chair. I wanted to
ride my bike to the health food store. Tiny Guy just doesn't want to settle down. I fed him and then moved him. That was 20 minutes ago. Now he is sleeping, but facedown on me. I was slowly patting his back, which generally soothes him if he isn't crazed.

Do I move him and risk waking him? Or do I give in to the temptation of a nice afternoon nap with a tiny boy blanket?

Nap, bike later, maybe even with The Boy.

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Sarah R said...

Ah, I remember that dilemma well! I say enjoy a snooze and hope for a nice bike ride later. Besides, it'd feel better in the late afternoon because the sun won't be blaring down on you. :)