Friday, August 7, 2009

And the icing on the cake...

Musical Daddy's birthday was yesterday, but we were waiting for my parents to come into town. We got a cake to be eaten today. My parents ordered a nice dinner for us, to be delivered from the Kosher store. I got a cake for him. The dinner was fantastic, and we were going to have cake a bit later.

He wasn't feeling marvelous all day anyway. To be expected at this point in the chemo cycle. The Boy had two colossal pukes today. When it happens, recently, he brings up a LOT of liquid. It's odd. It's as if he isn't even processing it. He has to be processing some liquid, because he's peeing. He had normal meals, though. And snacks. Some things made it through and some did not.

This evening, he fell down the stairs.

We live in a bi-level, so it was half a flight. Not as bad but not good. He was dragging a Boy-sized suitcase behind him, the gate wasn't closed, and he just went the wrong way.

Musical Daddy and my father took him to the hospital. Currently, they are on their way back. The Boy seemed to have no major injury except a knock on his head that made him mad but wasn't otherwise affecting in, he was still watching TV and naming numbers, he didn't show any signs of trouble in his eyes. They were considering a CT scan if his platelets were really low but they weren't low enough for them to be as concerned. He didn't throw up after hitting his head either (not that there was much left in his stomach anyway). So he was very shaken up but is okay...nevertheless we'll be watching him very carefully.

We never did eat our cake. I think they are just getting home.


Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness! I am SO glad he is ok!! Wow, you guys can't catch a break!! I'm sending some super boring and uneventful vibes your way! You guys could use them! Happy Birthday to your DH! Go eat some cake lady! :)

JC said...

Hope the cake has been eaten by now. Glad your parents are there to visit/help! I know it is nice to be able to nap when you need it. Have a great weekend! :) Jennifer