Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's it worth to you?

I am starting a diet.

I have thrush, for which I am being treated medically, but it will do me no good to treat the symptoms if I don't get to the root of the problem.

I am going for a slightly looser version of this plan. I'm sure that I will also lose weight on this regimen, but my motivation isn't weight loss. I don't think I'll be "cheating" because the impetus for not cheating is that I get to heal the flesh wounds faster and have a happier baby. It's amazing how looking at a cookie can bring on the idea of pain. So I'll stick with this for a few weeks, very strictly, and then perhaps I can phase in some things that had been off the list.

I went to visit Postpartum Place as per my doctor's advice, to purchase some ointment. Lanolin doesn't do it for me; this other stuff by MotherLove just might. It's a lovely little place. I had a great chat with the lactation consultant, who advised me to look into dietary changes in the first place. We also discussed some of the issues that we have with Tiny Guy and how we really think that spending all that time under lights instead of being close to us has caused some of his fussiness problems. She said that in speaking with someone who specializes in jaundice, he doesn't even like to use lights until the levels are REALLY high. I also told her that the hospital was pushing formula on me right and left; she said that New Jersey is rather pro-formula because the pharmaceutical companies are right here. Interesting.

The grocery stores were today's destinations. I was discovering, as I tried to find things to eat, that so much of what we have is incompatible with my diet. Surprising, since we do eat well, but things like wheat, corn flour, soy, and basically anything packaged or with sugar are not allowed, and fruit is to be limited in favor of vegetables. I can have all the meat and eggs I want, thankfully.

I may try to talk Musical Daddy into following my diet with me. He's been griping about his physical condition anyway.

The details of The Boy's CT scan can be found here. I need to eat and get ready to leave, as right now The Boy is getting hydration following the scan, to get the contrast out of his system.


The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

Wow... I have been frustrated because I realized Ari sleeps better if I don't have anything sugary in the evenings. I prefer breastfeeding rather than snacking on yummy stuff any day, but it has not been easy! After reading this, I'm done complaining! I hope that you and Tiny Guy heal soon and that you don't have to stick with this eating plan for too long.

the mol said...

Thanks--I'm guessing that once I am healed and the thrush is gone, I can start to introduce some things back in my diet. With The Boy, I was off dairy for about 4 months.