Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No-win situation

Unless everything is perfect, there is no way for me to put the two kids to bed at the same time. Tiny Guy doesn't have bedtime yet, which we will work on. The Boy has a decent bedtime routine with me, but it doesn't work as well with a fussy Tiny Guy who is nursing but needs to burp every three minutes.

Before this, it was a nice evening.

Sadly, I feel like Tiny Guy is just going to cry no matter what until he feels ready to eat nicely. So I had him in his bassinet, fussing on and off, some crying and some not, while I focused on The Boy. I even tried to talk The Boy into sleeping in his own room, which should work but doesn't when Tiny Guy is screaming nearby.

So back in our bed...on goes The Poetry Show after a call to Grandma asking how to pit the kids to bed. We got settled back in, and Tiny Guy was actually ready to nurse. Now, The Boy is asleep and Tiny Guy is close to it. I wonder if I could actually get him to sleep in his bassinet with no fuss.

Next task is to plot out home and hospital needs, and bedtime ideas. Anyone have bedtime ideas for little tiny people?

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