Friday, August 14, 2009

World of Poo

Clearly Tiny Guy has really special poo that just wants to stick to everything. I think that it changes at some point. It has to. Unless even his bowel movements are stubborn to match the rest of him. In any case, I had to rewash about half of the diapers.

I don't remember ever having this issue with The Boy and his cloth dipes, but then, he wasn't in them until he was 2.5 months old, and perhaps the poo turns a little more into liquid. Right now it is (gross alert) yellowish colored grease balls.

Score one for Logical Mommy--both boys are asleep downstairs in the stroller. Tiny Guy was asleep when we left for our walk; The Boy only just fell asleep a few minutes ago. I am using this time to rest a bit and catch up on email/blog/message boards. Then I'm going to pull the clean diapers down off the line.

I am starting to think that Tiny Guy and I might have thrush, which is the reason why I'm not healing well and he is such a fussy nurser. I'm going to call my doctor, his doctor, and since I have an appointment on Monday anyway, I'll have her take a look and see. Again, add to the list of things I don't need.

Although who's to say what I need--maybe I'm supposed to be punished. Again and again and again. But sometimes it can come back around. It's funny how things happen. Here is Musical Daddy's take on the subject.


JessicaB said...

Hey Molly
I am a blog stalker, knowing your name from WebMD from awhile back. I just read your recent blog about poop and being a fussy nurser. My dear friend's daughter had the same kind of poop and was a fussy little one and they found out that she had some lactose issues. Not saying thats the problem or there is a problem, but just wanted to throw that out there. Hope I dont offend. Good luck!

Musical Daddy said...

That's one thing that we're actually thinking, JessicaB. We have some gas drops to help with that, and that seems to have some mixed results. Mommy also stays away from eating dairy foods for that same reason - The Boy also was a little fussier after she had dairy stuff.

JessicaB said...

In the case of my friend she had over Active Let Down and so her daughter was getting so much at once, for some reason her body couldnt process the lactose from the breast milk and then it was like she OD'd on lactose because it came so fast. She never really knew she had an OALD until one day she pumped and got 3oz just in the let down alone. I hope that the changes Molly is making will help. I dont know how I could stay away from dary (being from WI and all!) :) OH! and GO YANKS!!!! :D

the mol said...

I'm fairly certain that I have an overactive letdown and ironically, pumping probably encourages it, so I haven't been trying to "rest" with pumping instead of nursing.

It was definitely not that bad with The Boy in terms of overactive letdown and fussiness although he did certainly have his moments.

I think I just have to wait it out...owies...

JessicaB said...

As far as the pain, with my second son, I used Dr Newmans All Purpose Nipple Cream. And no joke, I was feeling no pain w/in 24 hours. It help SO much, that when I have this baby, I will request it right away. I got it as a script from my OB after my LC reccomended it.
It is an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory, and an anti-fungal and safe for baby, so you dont need to whipe it off every time you nurse.
I really hope it gets better for you!!! From reading your blog, I know you dont need anymore stress than you already have!

Anonymous said...

Another blog stalker here, but from Facebook this time.
I have no advice, just sympathy. I hope things improve soon.

JC said...

Summer's poop is kind of funky too right now. It sticks to the toilet EVERYTIME she goes. Don't know if it is due to the Miralax or what, but flushing alone does not get rid of the poop. Kudos on the cloth diapers. I know I would cave and go buy some Huggies. LOL You are the bomb Molly!!!`