Sunday, November 1, 2009

Body Beautiful...

I was looking at The Boy today, as I was changing him from PJs to clothes, and I took a second to observe his little body.

And I was reminded of Marge Simpson's description of Mr. Burns in the episode in which she painted him nude. Of course, everything can be made into a Simpsons reference, but this one isn't really a funny one.

Mr. Burns is REALLY old. And his body is frail and worn...and when Marge accidentally sees him naked, she puts that in her painting. A body that is weak belonging to a man who is so powerful. And a body that is old and used up.

Depending on how The Boy is positioned, you can see his ribs sticking out. He has a diagonal scar on his left side, a scar down the center of his abdomen, and an inch-wide scar on each side of his chest. His belly button doesn't really go in; it's just a wrinkle in the middle of his abdomen. It is affected somewhat by the scar running down the middle of his body.

When he is dressed, although there's no mistaking him for a cancer patient, he is an adorable little 2-year-old. And well-dressed, if I do say so myself. Without his clothing, his body looks a bit more like that of Mr. Burns. Frail, weak, scarred...

Certainly not the perfect, smooth skin of a little child.

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Sarah R said...

Aw, I'm sure he's still beautiful! I think he is, anyway. ♥

Andrew's ribs stick out too and his legs are super skinny. People most likely think he's malnourished, but he eats like a little piggy! he is just going to be skinny (and yay me, I get to save on diapers by still buying him size 3 Luv's--more for my money!).