Friday, November 13, 2009

The Boy is HOME!! But I'm not!

This weekend it's my mom's birthday. A big one. She looks fantastic.

The plan for awhile was to spend 2 days in Atlantic City. Unfortunately, The Boy's hospitalization made for a tricky time of it. Thank goodness for Musical Daddy--he insisted that I go. And take Meatball, of course. Meatball is still portable.

Backing up a took them quite awhile to let us know that we were leaving the hospital. I went to the hospital in the morning to help organize, because regardless of departure date, we needed to get organized. I left Meatball at home with our friend who came BACK for the weekend in order to accommodate the trip for Grandma's birthday. I spent time in the late morning into the afternoon. The Boy was charming and sweet.

The nurse that we had today was one that The Boy had once or twice before, which is not much, considering how often he is in the hospital. Meatball had her when he was readmitted for jaundice, and she was the one with whom I had this conversation:

Nurse: so you're breastfeeding...are you also supplementing?
Me: No, definitely not.
Nurse: oh...then I guess you'll be here for a long time then, if you're not going to supplement.

No, thank you, it does not make me a bad person for thinking that formula made from cow's milk and chemicals is acceptable when I'm a human mother who can make human milk.

This nurse is not an innately mean person, bright or not--she's one of those people who talks down to everyone, like an old-fashioned grade school teacher.

Anyhow, it took Grandma and me forever to get out and on the road. The traffic was insane on the way from the hospital to my house, as everyone was getting out of school. While we were at home, we got word that The Boy was indeed being discharged. He was okay in the white count department and received platelets this morning. Hemoglobin was also good...for now.

It makes me feel great that The Boy is home and can take care of Musical Daddy. Make him rest, you know. Boy therapy.

So Grandma, Meatball, and I drove down. It took us about 2 and a half hours, all told. Meatball was fed before we left and slept the whole time. Travelling with a baby this age is VERY easy. All I had to bring was some clothing, diapers, stroller/carseat, and the carrier. He has finally gotten into sleeping in the car, and he did a great job today.

When we arrived, my father and two of my sisters were there, and we had some snacks. We just hung out and talked. Naturally, everyone wanted to spend time with Meatball. He's very sweet. My brother and my other sister arrived at the Italian restaurant, where we had dinner.

I missed The Boy because he'd be very excited to see the noodles. And I missed Musical Daddy because he's my husband and I love him, and I've barely seen him for a week and a half.

Casinos in AC aren't entirely non-smoking, which is odd to us because other indoor places in this state do not permit smoking. So some of the areas of the hotel/casino that we walked by were rather smoky.

Sometime tomorrow, I'm going to take $10 in quarters to the slots. If I win something, I'll set it aside and not "reinvest" it. Whatever I have left after spending the $10, I "won" and I'll be happy about it.

We'll be home tomorrow by about dinnertime. Then tomorrow afternoon, Musical Daddy and I are going to a wedding of a very good friend. Should be fun.

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