Wednesday, November 18, 2009

thank goodness for some small favors, but not others

They didn't think it was flu when I went to the doctor today. They said that the fever would be higher and that I'd be feeling crappier, basically. They said that it's a sinus infection, as my forehead was tender to the touch. I'm getting some nasal spray (one of the ones that Musical Daddy already uses, funny enough) and some TamiFlu for "just in case."

Even so, it's just as well that Musical Daddy stayed home. If I get rest today, hopefully I'll be functioning better tomorrow.

We just learned that the hospital policy now prohibits any children who are not patients from being anywhere in the hospital other than lobbies. This includes outpatient centers. As in, bringing Meatball to The Boy's checkups, which happen at least twice a week, is no longer possible. What I'm wondering is, how many other parents of patients does that completely screw over? And what are they thinking? Do they really want the siblings to be placed elsewhere and potentially be exposed to MORE germs? I'm sure they're just trying to cover their behinds, but really--wouldn't it make a lot more sense for the baby to stay with his mother and NOT be around a bunch of other people?

Of course, when I woke up this morning feeling lousy, the first thing I thought was, that's what I get for making fun of the public reaction to "OH NOEZ! Teh Swine FLUUUUUZE!!!"


JC said...

hope you feel better soon! that sucks about the guidelines, but who are we to argue? :) hang in there!

nancy said...

That's so stupid! I'm so sorry you have to figure out how to do appointments now.

Glad it's not the flu for you and hope you are feeling much better asap.

Sarah R said...

I'm glad you don't have the flu, and I agree that that's an idiotic policy.

I'm all worried because it looks like visitors under 18 can't come to the hospital and Andrew has never been away from me for more than an 8 hour work day. I really hope by the end of February, restrictions are lifting up a little. Otherwise I will be checking myself out as soon as the baby is born!

Jennifer said...

When our hospital first publicized this same policy I was a bit annoyed that my DD won't get to see her new sibling in May. She also hasn't been away from me overnight and I worry she might freak out.

I didn't realize how much of a pain (at first at least) it would be for people like you. I still wonder if you have proof that your little guy was vaccinated against the swine flu if they'd let him in.

Also, parents are just as likely to be carriers of the swine flu as the children are...especially one as small as yours.

the mol said...

He can't get the H1N1 vax until later, and he definitely can't get the nasal spray because that's a live virus and he will be contagious.

mommybird said...

That's just crazy. I can't believe they won't even let siblings of patients in. They're pretty strict about it at out hospital too, but siblings of patients could were able to come in.

Jennifer said...

Does he have to be 6mos for the vaccine? Is David allowed to get the vaccine? Maybe now that the vaccine is out it will slow the spread and everyone can relax and release some of these rules. Our school did the nasal vaccines yesterday to kids that signed up for it. My husband and I got the shot a few weeks ago with no side affects.

We haven't gotten my DD vaccinated yet, but I was hoping she could get the shot not the spray.