Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's...the morning report!

Still holding steady with The Boy's forward progress. I just talked with Grandma as The Boy's nurse was taking vital signs. Temperature was once again normal, blood pressure was pretty good, and we haven't seen any food return in awhile. More importantly, he has actually wanted to eat, which is even better.

He wanted to eat before, but his stomach wasn't ready. Yesterday was a really good day, meal-wise. If you like meat. Meat meat meat.

Meatball decided, once again, that 5:30 AM was wakeup time. If Musical Daddy wasn't getting home so late (and I try to stay up to talk to him on the phone and keep him awake as he drives home, and actually see him when he arrives as well), I'd consider using that 5:30 AM wakeup time to exercise or something similarly productive and rewarding. Perhaps, soon, I'll be able to do that. As it is, Meatball is content if I remove him from the bedroom and sit with him. I can doze a little bit, at least, and not worry that Meatball's scintillating conversation will wake his father.

He fell asleep in his blue rocking chair as I was taking my shower. Stinker.

Today I have laundry to do and a bit of household stuff. I need to pick up a prescription for my mother as well.

It's a real drag that I don't get to spend as much time with The Boy due to the fact that Meatball needs to be kept away from him, and I need to care for Meatball. I don't want either child to infect the other with whatever he has. Meatball has been coughing, so it's particularly important to keep them apart. My mother has been amazing as per usual this week, and my father-in-law was similarly amazing last week, although he now has a nasty cold that turned into an infection of sorts. Of course, Musical Daddy takes such great care of our boy. He is rather lucky in that respect--a starting rotation of Musical Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa (Musical Daddy's father), and me (particularly out of the hospital), makes for a pretty good pitching staff team.

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Sarah R said...

I can't wait until your lives can get back to a more "normal" routine. I am counting down the days right with you!