Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What a morning!!!

We got help for the morning; I still came in, and I'm sure glad I did.

BIG puke this morning. And the diarrhea from the antibiotic is starting.

Also, I discovered a sore on his scrotum while changing his diaper. Almost like a pimple. Now, what do they do to find out about sores?

Lance 'em.

Holy Toledo I haven't heard that type of screaming since this summer when they were stabbing and trying to find a vein, and that was on his arm.

Complicating matters was the poo in his diaper, which probably should have been taken care of BEFORE...but if wishes were horses...

Naturally he was hysterical and the bath that he required afterwards wasn't any help. We also had to stick some Mupirocin on there.

I am pleased that we have the greatest ICU nurse ever. She just thinks of everything and does everything and she is sweet to The Boy. Even when she has to torture him. Actually, it was the doctor who did it; had the nurse been the one, she would have cleaned him first.

His fever is gone and BP's are good. Waiting on the CBC results.

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JC said...

We had a doctor or rather resident cut Summer's sore open too. I thought that was weird since the nurse usually does all the hands on stuff. Now I'm thinking about a spot on Summer's face. But surely they would have said something today before they released us if it could've been anything bad. Hmmmm. Oh well, hope fevers stay away from both of our families! Hope the poop gets better. Summer had a few "panty lines" herself while we were in this last time. :)