Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Joining the "I hate Thanksgiving" club

Last year, we had Thanksgiving in the hospital as The Boy received his first chemo on the new protocol. Then we all got a stomach virus. This year, we were going to be in Pittsburgh...then we were going to MOVE to Pittsburgh...now, things are all upside down. Not thrilled.

My sister doesn't like Thanksgiving. In 2005, when we had been in our house for about a year, I was thrilled and delighted to host Thanksgiving in our home. My entire family was in attendance. In the middle of the night, my sister had a seizure, thus beginning the process of diagnosing her as epileptic and investigating her vision issues, going from specialist to specialist and being on grand rounds. She now has things under control, but she still isn't wild about Thanksgiving. She is currently helping to engineer our move, even with the latest snag.

I like the idea of Thanksgiving--get the family together, cook a great meal, and watch football. It's just been a rather unfortunate holiday.


mommybird said...

Thanksgiving has not been very friendly to you for sure. I hope it is a better day than it looks like it may be.

Sarah R said...

Sorry Thanksgiving has been such bad luck foryou guys! I hope one day you can enjoy it again, when The Boy is all healthy and better.