Thursday, November 5, 2009

Everything comes down to poo

The spot on his scrotum is likely the answer. The spot was caused by Gram negative bacteria which can cause fever and lowering of the blood pressure. It is something that is caused by feces. Surprising that it hasn't happened before.

So we will move to stepdown, keep the spot as protected as we can, and wait for counts to come back up.

This is another reason for potty training, but it's hard to get The Boy on board with that logic.

He will likely spend more time bare-bummed around the house if possible. Except when he is chemo-toxic of course.

That's about it...good to have answers.

Let's see who the first person is who knows the origin of that title.


Sarah R said...

Well, I'm glad you got that figured out.

It's hard to pottty train Andrew right now too, because his poop is mushy 95% of the time. It just sticks to him. We have been trying a dairy elimination diet but it really didn't seem to help so who knows.

Heather said...

Well at least you have some answers. Potty training isn't fun. Necessary but not fun.