Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The Boy is in the PICU being monitored because his blood pressure has been really low.

Possible that he was just given too much BP medicine. He kinda drooled out last night's dose, although not intentionally (he maliciously spits stuff when he's mad about it but he hasn't done that in awhile). Thus, he required a new dose.

Obviously he is off the BP medicines for now.

He hasn't really been peeing. They are pumping him full of fluids, and he will be getting blood today. Hopefully that will bring the pressure back up.

It's puzzling because every other time that he has been brought in, his BP is high. Usually he ends up on more medication as a result. The Vancomycin doesn't help either.

The doctors think that it's possible that it's just a neutropenic fever and he could get out in a few days. We have actually not had much experience with that, not since last year. It was after a transfusion, as is this. Who knows?

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JC said...

:( As you know, we are dealing with those neutropenic fevers ourself right now. Hope he takes a turn for the better and gets to a normal room soon. Or even better, home! Sending you a BIG HUG!