Sunday, November 29, 2009

The New Way

It still feels like I'm here on a visit, but we're slowly getting acclimated. My parents are great with the kids, as is my sister who lives here. She is getting her own place in January (although I didn't want to kick her out, she said that she'd like to have a place of her own where she won't get distracted by wanting to play with my kids). It is nice to be here with a larger group of people so that I don't feel quite so isolated.

But I miss my husband. He is back at the house (he doesn't even want to call it home, nor do I, although we still own the place), and when I talked to him, he said that he'd be getting to work right away on the prep work for the sale. It is unlikely that I'll be able to see him before December 26 or so, as he has work and a Christmas gig, and he can't miss work at all, nor can he miss Sundays at St. Peters. We are considering taking a trip back for the Valerie Fund Holiday Party, which is a wonderful time, but I doubt that The Boy will really be able to make such a trip. Who knows, though? It is SUCH a great time, and last year he enjoyed it a bit although he didn't necessarily get it. This year he'd have even more fun, and he deserves to have a great time. And, even more importantly, Daddy deserves to see him having a great time.

We'll webchat frequently. We'll talk on the phone, although The Boy still doesn't really do that yet. Maybe now would be a good time to learn.

Tomorrow we're going to get insurance stuff taken care of, and then The Boy has his first appointment at the new place. Meanwhile, Aunt Jeanne is coming to watch Meatball. It's much easier to drive 45 minutes instead of 7 hours.

Speaking of Meatball...gotta go.


Heather said...

A few more hurdles and you will all be in a better place. So glad to hear that you will have more help but so sorry that you have to for go seeing you husband for a month.

JC said...

So did you already find a house or are you living with relatives? That was a quick move, but I'm glad you did it. I know it is nice to be surrounded by family. Hope you get to see your hubby before Christmas!