Thursday, November 5, 2009

Movin' on down

Sometime today we will be returning to Step-Down, the special care unit where we spend most of our hospital time.

No word on what it will take for us to leave the hospital, but it seems like the longer we stay, the worse he gets. He is SO puffy. Yesterday he was at least trying to eat and drank quite a bit; today he has had nothing since I have been here.

He played for a bit, but after a painful diaper change, as they all are now, he was done.

I like today's ICU nurse. She is friendly, careful, and communicative. She is good with The Boy. No complaints. She rates in the middle of the nurses we know here who are mostly in Step Down; since most of them are awesome, that's good company.

Getting platelets soon. Even though we just got them on Monday.


mommybird said...

That is good news to be moving out of ICU and having a good nurse. We'll keep the thoughts and prayers coming your way. Hoping for a trip home soon.

Sarah R said...

That's good news you're moving out of the ICU. I will be thinking good thoughts for The Boy all day. :)