Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting somewhere, maybe

Musical Daddy was wondering about today's CBC and wondering why they have been so reticent to give them to us.

My feeling is, they just forget when we ask them, because getting the CBC requires that they sit down at the computer and look it up.Of course, as luck would have it, they didn't do one this morning. The doctor has no idea why. So they'll do one soon and let us know. Obviously the hemoglobin and platelets will have gone up, because he got both of them yesterday.

He looks better. He is acting like he feels better. For breakfast, he had roast beef and mustard; for lunch, tuna and wheat bread.

Just got a good update from the doctor. She said that she wants him to have had 7-10 days of Cefepime, because of the sore that he had which tested positive for Gram Negative and E. Coli (by the way, did you know that they make Neupogen out of E. Coli? Says so on the box), and she wants to see his white count back up. By the time the white count is back up, he should have already had enough of it to be able to leave.

She also started him on Diflucan last night, which is an anti-fungal. I know, because I took it for thrush. She suspected that there was something else going on. She also doesn't really agree that he has C-Diff based on his poo, but keeping him on the C-Diff medication, particularly while he is eating and keeping the stuff away, will help prevent it.

Will we be out by this weekend? We don't know. The doctor says that it is certainly possible. Of course, after that, we get to figure out what we're doing for his next chemo. Get him all better and then give him some more chemo. Good times.

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Heather said...

Vicious, vicious cycle.