Saturday, November 7, 2009

A refresher from the big dog doctor

The Boy is being treated for anything and everything. It is making life very uncomfortable for him. It is darned difficult for us. They are going to start giving an antibiotic by mouth, to treat more of what might be there. Or not.

Unfortunately, this is, indeed, routine.

The fever isn't going away. While this is a problem, the doctor is not really worried. The issue is that we, the parents, are thinking that if we find one problem, it gets solved. Like those infections last Spring. Although the first one did result in C-Diff as well.

What it comes down to is, we are lucky. Or, we have been. We had a long streak of good health, and then a few bad months, and then a few good months. The doctor said that this type of experience is typical of pediatric oncology, just as much as the routine chemo and bloodwork. Fair enough...but it's awful for us.

More to the point, it is hard to swallow the fact that the rest of his treatment could be more like this than not. I barely spend any time with my husband. Just "hi" and "bye" and my children haven't been together in almost a week.

Meatball is at home and is barely eating. He has had 2 ounces of milk since 9 AM. He is perfectly well but needs Mommy.

I need my Mommy too.

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JC said...

up and down, up and down. So sorry! I know it is frustrating and no fun. Praying you will all have a few days at home together soon!