Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The right place

The Boy, when playing with the violin, understood that the chinrest goes under his chin. This is thanks to the Elmo's World violin segment, I'm sure.

So let's see...we went to a wedding on Sunday, which was lovely. The cocktail hour was out of this world with all the delicious things that they had to eat, and the meal served was equally delicious (although not as exciting only because the meal didn't involve me going back for seconds and thirds of the sushi!). It was great to see friends and actually enjoy ourselves for once.

In thinking over the friends that we have who are close to us, most of them are already married, so we don't end up attending a lot of weddings. It is odd that we've been to 2 of them in a relatively short period of time. In 2001 we attended several. I guess I also count the one in December of the previous year. Lotta people got hitched that year.

I've had an exhausting few days in which I was not in my house a lot, and there are plenty of things that need to be done. I'm still not entirely decompressed, so I will settle for sweeping the floors. Thanks to The Boy for wiping the table. He did. It was really nice of him. He grabbed a paper towel and started wiping, so I sprayed some vinegar and water on the table and he kept at it.

My father-in-law visited the hospital today. Or rather, he was in the ER today. Never a good thing...but I say "visited" because he didn't have to stay there overnight, at least as far as I've heard. He has had a cough that hasn't gotten better, and X-rays do indicate some pneumonia. But, they decided that some IV drugs and then some more drugs to take at home would serve him better than staying in the hospital (you know, there are sick people there...) and that observation was not necessary.

It is possible that they will admit The Boy on Friday for chemo. Yes, we did just get out of the hospital, and right back in we go. If that's the case, then Thanksgiving will likely be a low counts time for him. Really, when isn't it...? Plans are to go to my parents' house this year, in Pittsburgh. If The Boy has low counts, we will be very careful in our travels and limit visitors at the house.

About the count cycle: It used to be that right after chemo he'd be on a bit of a Neupogen high and maintain decent counts at least until the weekend after being discharged, at which point things would drop down. Now he's in the basement by day 3 or 4 post-chemo and maintain that well past day 10. Day 10 was when we were admitted for the whatever-the-heck he had, and he remained on Neupogen for 23 days total as a result, instead of the current trend of 12 or so. And it used to be 8 or 9. So basically, once he finally gets off Neupogen and he is on the Neupogen high again, he is fit to go out. But frequently, he isn't. So it's hard to do much because he can't really go anywhere with the exception of walks in the stroller, as long as we don't actually bring him around people.

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