Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The Boy's diastolic pressures are now up into the 30's. For a normal kid they should be in the 50's or thereabouts. 40's wouldn't be so bad either.

I left Meatball at home with lovely friends so that I could spend the evening with The Boy. We were well-covered so that Musical Daddy could go to rehearsal at least for awhile. Also, my cousin spent a good chunk of time with us.

Meatball had some time where he was mad after I left. Then, he went to sleep and pretty much slept the whole time I was gone. Didn't have a bottle while I was gone either. I should pump...if he doesn't get up by the time I finish this blog, I will.

I moved his bassinet into The Boy's room to make it easier on our friends. Watch, the little stinker will sleep through the night in there.

No, probably not. I think I hear some little noises.

Or, false alarm.

The Boy received a blood transfusion (packed red cells). They took a CBC only to find that the transfusion had no effect. So they're giving him another one overnight and taking a CBC early in the morning.

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