Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where we stand:

There is a big truck in our driveway. After Musical Daddy gets home from work, some movers are coming to help load it. He will drive the truck on Wednesday. Everyone will be driving on Wednesday. If it is 11PM or so when he gets near Harrisburg, he will stop there and crash with my aunt and uncle. Then on to Pittsburgh.

Currently, 9 AM Thanksgiving morning will be unloading time. If you'd like to help, let me know

From there, he will either drive my mom's car back here or, if The Boy is slated to get out Friday, he'll just stay there.

The Boy has had good temps. Some Tylenol brought it down and it stayed there despite him not having any more.

Meatball has been quite cooperative today. This evening he was fussy but fell asleep on my lap. I will probably sleep soon as well.

As usual, all we know is, we don't know.

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JC said...

Oh man! Hope it all works out as planned. Definitely praying David will get out Friday. Bummer.