Saturday, October 31, 2009

stupid Halloween

Usually I like Halloween. It's fun.

Today, since I know that The Boy has a lousy white count, we aren't doing anything. I forgot it was Halloween until at 2:10 the doorbell rang and woke me from a much-needed nap. And woke Meatball who had been carrying on for much of the morning.

I apologized to the trick-or-treaters and decided to put up a sign that says "NO CANDY. Sick child with no immunity. Sorry. Happy Halloween." I'm sure that the doorbell will still ring five times and furthermore I wouldn't be surprised if our house got egged because I'm sure that there's just NO excuse for being home and not giving out candy.

I just didn't think of it.

And maybe that makes me self-involved but I don't particularly care. I'm not really sure that having a bunch of kids come to my door is a great thing for The Boy. Likely it wouldn't harm him but in my nasty selfishness I just don't feel like putting up with the constant reminders that my kid can't participate.



mommybird said...

I don't blame you at all! You have an excellent excuse to not hand out candy, nothing tops it for sure.

My daughter has a stomach bug and was in the ER for much of the morning, the last thing I want is for people to wake her up countless times for trick-or-treating when I had to tell the tearful 4-year-old that she has to stay home. I'm sure all the parents will understand.

Grandmuz said...

I've gotten to know a little of David, "The Boy, and his sweet nature, his adorableness, his celebrating all his right answers with applause, his snuggling in my arms and neck, his very style have me smitten. This little earth angel captured my heart and prayers. I can only imagine yours and your husbands. David and baby Jesse have fantastic parents. If any little thing eases, you go for it! Love and light ~ Neshama

JC said...

Sorry girl. Summer had crappy counts too and looks like we should've stayed home. Not sure we still wouldn't be in the hospital now if we had though. I don't blame you one bit though. You gotta put your family first!