Saturday, October 3, 2009

Perfectly timed

The boys were both very much in need of a nap.

The Boy disturbed Meatball's attempts to fall asleep while doing his usual sit-and-fit. You know the one. But, when I got them in the car, they both were out in no time.

I had the guy at the sub shop, whom I had called earlier, bring out my sandwiches to the car (and gave a tip for his trouble) so I would not need to wake the children. I went to Musical Daddy's rehearsal to drop off screwdrivers, news, and lunch, and I even got to sit with him and enjoy a meal as the boys slept.

Now I am home, in the driveway, and they are still sleeping. Meatball isn't an issue in his seat that can be lifted, but The Boy won't continue sleeping if I try to move him. So, I sit.

I think I'll give him another half-hour, if he doesn't wake up beforehand.

He had no real nap yesterday and was exhausted at bedtime...although he didn't do too badly last night in terms of staying in bed. Or going to bed in the first place. He had fallen asleep with Musical Daddy and was given meds, and put to bed mostly asleep. Not great, according to the sleep experts, but it didn't yield any different results.

We are up and moving now...nope, false alarm.

The weather is crappy. We wanted to go see the marching band show this evening, but I won't bring them out in crappy weather.

Now we are up. Meatball, anyway.

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JC said...

hope you had a book in the car!