Thursday, October 29, 2009

Attention, Mommy: I am TWO!

Today was an okay day, but we had several moments in which it was very clear to me that The Boy is SO two.

This morning he slept in, so I decided to forgo breakfast at home and just have bagels and juice at the center. He was in a lousy mood in the morning and has this thing where he'll just lie facedown on the floor. He won't kick and scream; he'll just lie on the floor and that will be that. We got that on the way out the door, followed by whining, of course.

It's a delicate balance, trying to get the kids out of the house, because I know that I need time to get Meatball down the steps and get our stuff. If The Boy is actually good and is willing to come with me, he takes himself down the steps, where I put on his shoes, and he continues down the steps and out the door. Not today.

At the center, since he got platelets, he got Benadryl. It makes him tired, and usually, he naps. For some reason he wanted to sit in the stroller, and I wasn't really having that. No GOOD reason other than I knew he wouldn't nap unless he was in bed. He spent 20 minutes or so whining about it before finally curling up and falling asleep. My feeling was also, dangit Meatball is sleeping and if you don't go to sleep too then I won't get my nap.

He had physical therapy today which went well--a pleasant surprise. She is trying to get him to jump, which is one of his goals. He is on track with running, another goal. At this age, they still trot, which he does. Jumping isn't happening yet but he is starting to understand the concept. He was very well-behaved, while still being very silly. The physical therapist works with kids under the age of 3 all day--I'd bet that's a fun job. Kind of. It takes just the right person to do it.

For some reason, The Boy no longer likes baths. He used to love showers and love baths. I don't remember exactly how it happened but I'm sure that it has something to do with the hospital. He uses his ever-growing verbal skills to yell "NO BATH!!" and to try and go back to his room for a "DIAPER" which he says kind of like "bapp-er" and heaven forbid I suggest that he use the potty--"NO POTTY!" Even though if he does he'll get to wear "ELMO PANTS!!"

What a blessing, though, that going to bed is no longer the big production that it used to be. I'd love it if he'd sleep a little longer in his bed, but going to about 4 or 5 AM before coming in with us isn't too bad. Unfortunately, half the time his coming in our bed means that Meatball and I leave, because his waking often wakes Meatball, who decides that he wants to be up for an hour. The past few mornings have found me with Meatball in my arms as Musical Daddy leaves the house.

Tomorrow I don't think we have anything to do. We're sleeping in. And probably watching a lot of Elmo. Low white count, although I might still try Trader Joe's with the kids in the double stroller just to get a few things.

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Sarah R said...

I keep realizing too, that wow--Andrew is acting just like a toddler.

Andrew doesn't jump yet--is he supposed to? Maybe I should teach him...

He likes to run and he likes to say, "run!!" :)

He is sleeping in his own bed now, but I have to lie down with him at night. During the week, Dad can put him in his room and tell him to go to sleep and he climbs into his bed and goes to sleep. Amazing! At night, when he wakes up, I either go in by him, or I bring him in by me (like this morning when he fell out of bed at 5 am)--he went right back to sleep by me. Then Daddy went to Andrew's bed. :) Musical beds in our house!