Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mixed messages

The Boy's oncologist said that the audiologist is full of baloney and that yes, they would modify the chemo because of its effect on his hearing and yes, The Boy would get some sort of assistive devices as he needs.

Perhaps they just wouldn't do anything like cochlear implants until 18 months off treatment.

Musical Daddy told me that rather than get angry with the audiologist, we should let her know what the doctor said. That way, she could change what she says to other patients and they would benefit.

I like how he and I keep each other sane.

Anyhow, while we still need to monitor his hearing, which will be done frequently now, we need to worry less about having a 3 year old who can't hear.

Another issue: the physical therapist likes to have David take the stairs and do a lot of physical activity. He gets lots of bruises, particularly with low platelets. And he is two, so he falls. Today he fell a few steps. Earlier, he also tripped over the stroller while at the center. The bruises are rather unattractive. And worrisome. Not really--just annoying.

Speaking of platelets, he is still not ready for chemo, although he isn't scheduled until Thursday. Report to the center and see how the counts are, and...he will or he won't.


Dana said...

That is great news that they can alter the treatment so hopefully it will not affect his hearing as much!

As I talked about in a previoius post Cochlear Implants are wonderful BUT when they put one in they have to cut all of the natural hearing David would have in that ear. (hope that makes sense, not sure how else to word it). Anyway I would say that it is a huge plus that he has had normal hearing for 2 years. IF you did have to go that route I'm sure it would make the transition and talking easier for him.

And I agree that for now just try to put it out of your mind and take heart that he should not loose all his hearing through battling this horrible disease!

JC said...

So glad you got a second opinion about the ears. We are both in the same platelet / falling down boat. Glad I found you! You help keep me sane too. :)

Sarah R said...

I'm glad you got another opinion! Geez louise...what a way to make you guys worry like crazy. I hope the hearing loss is minimal and that there will be a solution for him. :)

nancy said...

mixed messages is just so hard to deal with. I'm so sorry you aren't getting straight answers.

(I also wanted to thank you for responding to my blog post request. You said some really nice things about me and I appreciate it)

Sarah said...

that's annoying! The audiologist would have been better off saying nothing at all. MD's (maybe shouldnt shorten his name! lol) thought sound like a good plan.

I think of bruises as the tattoos of toddlers. They might look gross, but he will be ok.