Tuesday, October 20, 2009

an auspicious beginning...

Today found Logical Mommy behaving in a very illogical fashion--dragging two little boys around on multiple errands, all the while doubting their patience levels.

I was pleasantly surprised.

This morning I finally got my bass back!!! I'm going to play it a little after finishing this blog post. I also need to put new strings on. I dropped Meatball off with Daddy during his prep while I took The Boy to the shop. I was a little bit nervous about him touching things, although I kept that fairly well controlled, but more excited for him to go to a shop and see a whole bunch of violins!!! And bows!!! Which he did.

After picking up Meatball, we went to our next destination. Following that, we returned to the school to drop off Daddy's lunch. Then home for our lunch.

The Boy enjoyed a turkey sandwich and grapes. As did I.

We relaxed for a little while. Naturally, one of the rare times that I get Meatball napping all snuggled up with me, The Boy has no interest in resting. I lay there for awhile with Meatball, all the while listening to The Boy play in different parts of the house.

Right now, The Boy is yelling at the gate, not wanting to go to bed. I'm calling his bluff and waiting a few minutes. But let me back up.

We took another car trip, which also included a car tour of my neighborhood from when I was very little. I was pleased to see that there was a family living in my old house. I could tell because they decorated for Halloween and had a swingset.

We came home and again took some time to relax, have snacks, and get boys changed. We went for a walk to CVS and then got in the car to visit Daddy at rehearsal.

Unfortunately, The Boy was very upset all of a sudden, complaining of an "owie, toes." I took him home and he continued to cry and be upset. Of course, when we got home Meatball was also demanding my attention. I was a little panicked. I did call the doctor. And Daddy.

He came home instead of going right to rehearsal, for which I am rather grateful. The Boy seemed better, so he left. I think that having Daddy was what cured him.

So I was, of course, rather worried about how my evening was going to go. Hence my title.

Meatball was still ragin' and ragin' and I couldn't figure him out. I tried feeding him, tried putting him down, tried carrying him around in the carrier and finally after awhile, I got the feeling that he was, in fact, ready for bed, and I put him down again. He squawked once or twice and fell asleep.

I gave The Boy a late dinner of canned salmon, rice cakes and honey, and veggie pockets. Whatever floats his boat. These are by Dr. Praeger and they are one of the few frozen food items that are not ridiculously high in sodium. It is a little whole wheat pocket with various veggies in it, about the size and shape of a small knish. And if you don't know what a knish is, the thing is about the size of a hockey puck. But much tastier.

A quick and careful bath was met with much resistance. Following the pajamas, we talked to Grandma for awhile. Then Meatball woke up, not having eaten in awhile.

We watched Bedtime with Elmo and both boys fell asleep. I'm not crazy about that, because it makes it more difficult for The Boy to transfer into his own bed, but I used the opportunity to start diaper laundry, as I know I won't have time this week...but if I do them now, Meatball will be good for the rest of the week and The Boy wears disposables in the hospital anyway. Then I sat down to read email and such, which is where you found me at the beginning of this entry.

The Boy woke up. I moved him into his room, put him in bed, read him Goodnight Moon, and left. He got up and yelled for a few minutes and got back into bed several paragraphs ago.

I had such a busy day that I don't even want to move...but I have to switch the laundry and I really should do the dishes.

We are pretty much set in terms of having at least one other person with me at the hospital for the duration of The Boy's stay. If you are available and would like to come help/come visit, and you are well, we'll be there first thing in the morning tomorrow. Somewhere in the 4200 wing of the hospital.


Elana Kahn said...

Whew, what a day! I drove all over Boston delivering Avon catalogs. I even dropped a whole lot off at Brandeis, my alma mater. I hope The Boy's hospital stay goes as well as can be. :-) And maybe, if you're good, we'll stop by and you can cootchie coo at the Twinners, I can cootchie coo at Meatball, and The Boy can point at the twins and go "babies."

JC said...

You sound busy! Hope you get a few minutes to yourself soon. It always feels so good even if it is not for very long. Hope you enjoyed playing the bass. :)