Friday, October 2, 2009

Biding my time...

One of the principles of Love and Logic is that you allow your children to make many of their choices so that when you do have a non-negotiable issue, you make it happen.

I remember the fighting over medicines that has since become a non-issue. The Boy is a pro. The nephrologist said it would happen, as long as we kept at it with him. We also had help from the incomparable Nurse Pam.

So now, I have to put the coat on him. And force the issue. Fortunately, I found a snap on the top that he can't get to ;). When he knows he is beat, he gets over it and moves on. Unfortunately, he is stubborn and rarely admits defeat. Not that it is a matter of besting the two-year-old. It's more of a cooperative effort. Kinda.

Leaving to go collect kisses!

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Musical Daddy said...

It's a little like kicking a puppy, isn't it? I mean, sure, we can beat him... but nobody's happy about it. There are still days when we have to tip him over and pour the medicine down his throat.