Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolutions? Feh.

I'd like to do a few things this year that I didn't do as much of last year. One is to read a few more books, as in, actual paper books. Either for myself, or for The Boy. The other is to go for more walks, mostly with The Boy. While the weather is more frightful, we'll go to the malls and walk inside. The third item on the agenda is to see people. I'll have to be careful with that, because sometimes company is not such a great thing for The Boy.

Beyond that, I really don't think that this is the time in my life to go on any great journeys of self-discovery or to go on a mission to fix everything that is wrong with me. I'm really doing fine in that regard. I know what my issues are. It will be mighty interesting, over the next few years, to see how different I become just as a result of our circumstances.

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