Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The Boy did well at home this afternoon/evening. Dinner was intentionally simple--chicken, rice noodles, and some applesauce. We thought we heard "ch-ch-ch" in anticipation of being given chicken, one of his favorite things. Grandma and I had a good dinner as well, which included some frozen latkes that we never got around to eating during Hanukkah.

Well, The Boy was MAD that he wasn't getting any latkes, but we have learned to keep his diet simple post-pukies, so he could protest all he wanted. Instead, my mother suggested some fruit ice. I went downstairs to switch some laundry, and I heard, very clearly, "ICE!"

The Boy continued to insist on more "ICE!" It was fantastic!

Tomorrow night for New Years Eve, Grandma and The Boy will be dining on lamb chops and corn on the cob, assuming that The Boy continues to be in good stomach.

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