Monday, December 29, 2008

Kinda okay...

We did get to leave the center today, but he does need blood. Because it was already after noon when the counts came back, and they didn't have a current type and cross, they told us that we could either do it anyway and finish the transfusion on the pediatrics floor, or we could come back tomorrow for the transfusion, since it wasn't that urgent.

Which way do you think we went? Genius--we went home because we like going home.

We don't mind coming back if it means that we can spend the time in the outpatient center instead of on the pediatric floor and in a hospital room.

They had to access the port for the type and cross, and they decided to leave the needle in so that they wouldn't need to re-stick him in the morning. It bled a little bit, but not consistently, so we called the doctor. She said that it wasn't a major issue that couldn't wait until the morning.

I am concerned, though, that because his counts are so low that a blood transfusion could cause another fever like last time. Nothing to be done about it though...

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