Friday, December 19, 2008

Isn't It Grand

WAY too long between entries.

Monday was a concert. Tuesday was supposed to be a concert, but it got cancelled in the evening because of weather. Wednesday was a party at the Pancake House for our niece's birthday. Thursday...oy.

The concerts that were supposed to happen on Tuesday were moved to Thursday. There was already a concert on Thursday. This necessitated a change in the schedule and created a large concert. I'm not sure what was worse--the fact that there were kids who were unavailable and couldn't come due to the rescheduling, or the fact that there were kids who did come, but at the wrong time, and then they missed performing. A letter went to the teachers telling them about the time changes, but apparently some of the teachers neglected to hand out the letter. It was very telling that two students from the same class who are otherwise responsible ended up not making it in time. They were pretty upset. So were their parents. So was I.

The principal explained my situation to the audience at the end of the concert, praising my work in the school and letting them know that I'd be leaving to care for The Boy. He also asked for applause in honor of The Boy. The fans roared. I love these people. I love those kids. I'll miss them tremendously.

I wish The Boy had been there, but coming to a school with a compromised immune system is just...stupid.

Grandma is here. She's the greatest. We're leaving soon for his next inpatient chemo.

Oh, did I mention? No school today!!!! It didn't start snowing yet, but it seems like half of New Jersey had school cancelled. I won't complain.

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