Sunday, December 7, 2008

A few positive oddities

I meant to do nothing today.

It really hasn't been such a bad day so far. Rather pleasant, actually. The Boy and I slept in past 9. I drew up his medicines...and made the decision that we were going to push back the shot to later and later in the day, so that it would be in the early evening, which is actually convenient, instead of in the morning when we're rushing. I also heated up his cereal.

He got his blood pressure medicine, in applesauce, and clearly was interested in more. Breakfast for him was rice cereal with a little bit of honey, and applesauce. He has become quite adept at spoon use over the past 2 weeks, which has made feeding him his plain post-illness post-chemo diet that much easier.

We played in his room for awhile, with a few toys. I should mention that we never play in his room because for quite awhile, it wasn't really such a place for playing. Then he started to get a little tired, so we sat in the rocking chair, and I read him a Winnie The Pooh story. It was the one in which we learn that Tiggers don't climb trees. At this point he was definitely sleepy so I decided to go for it.

I put The Boy in his very own bed.

He protested, but he needed only to be snuggled a bit...then for me to hold his hand, and all the while I was reading the next story. It's much easier than trying to get him to stay in a crib, because I could just sit next to him on the floor. Then I let go of his hand, as he was clearly asleep, but it still looked like he was watching me. Very carefully. I sat for just a bit longer, and then I got up to take a shower.

He stayed asleep for almost an hour and a half. I was able to shower and relax before Musical Daddy returned from rehearsal.

Uncle B and the California cousins were on iChat as The Boy woke up. Then, time for his Neupogen shot. It's hard to do this to him, every day, but he gets Daddy snuggles immediately after, and as I'm preparing to do it, I tell him, "I know it hurts, but it's SO good for you." Not much consolation, but at least he knows that he gets hugs afterwards. The hugs are just as helpful to Musical Daddy, I'd imagine.

We watched a football game that we'd rather not talk about. The boys fell asleep for a little while, and I went out to (finally) pick up some prescriptions. Upon my return, I cleaned all the stuff out of my car. Perhaps tomorrow I'll run the vacuum cleaner in there. It's been quite awhile since I cleaned out my car, and every time I got in it, I would feel overwhelmed by the fact that I didn't have time to clean it out.

One less problem to worry about, at least. To continue the idea from my last entry, it really does feel better to unclutter one's life a little more.

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Sarah R said...

Aw, his own little bed! It sounds very cute.

That has to be so hard giving him the shot. Hugs to you.......