Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A man who knows what he wants

I'll start at the end by saying that The Boy did get his blood today without any unusual side effects. I think it made him better. I hope. Also, I don't think that we have to go back for any scheduled appointments until next week on Monday.

So. Great morning at first. The Boy was Mr. Personality, in a good way. On the way to his appointment, I heard that familiar sound of...not quite cough, maybe a bit of an inhalation, or whatever it was, but he usually does it a few times as a warning. Then up comes...everything. In this case, it was once in the middle of the highway and once again as we arrived. The carseat was a total mess. The Boy was a mess. I'll spare the readers any more details.

The time at the treatment center...always figure twice as long as they say you're going to be, is how long you'll be there. We stayed in the "quiet room" the whole time we were there, partially just to be away from other kids, and mostly to keep us out of trouble. Not all of the patients are cancer patients, and they are not all following the same precautions as The Boy. So we still do have to be pretty careful while we're there.

The Child Life Specialist got us a DVD player to borrow, along with The Wiggles. The Boy wasn't so into them (thank goodness). We brought along his favorites, and Beauty and the Beast, which we got to watch all the way through. He rather enjoyed it, too! Good music and such. He knows what he likes.

Interestingly enough, we were sitting on the rocking chair in the room, and he was gesturing toward the bed. I got in the bed and my mom handed him to me. He snuggled right up--he wanted to rest in bed.

He insisted on "jush" to drink and sucked down two or three of those little juice cups during his visit.

He likes to push buttons. In case I haven't mentioned it. Fortunately I prevented him from calling the nurses.

Must change gross laundry. Later, kids.

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