Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just a tiny scare (we hope)

The Boy woke up from a nap and he was in a Mood. I changed him and returned him to Grandma, and he was still in a Mood. Grandma was trying to get him to settle down and watch Goodnight Moon, but he was not having it. After I washed my hands, Grandma brought him back outside, and I insisted on holding him in my lap.

He felt warm. Warmer than he should. I took his temperature. 99.4 axillary--the magic number. The "call the doctor and don't be surprised if you have to come to the hospital and stay a few days" magic number. So I called.

The person on the answering service was none too bright. You'd think that if they answer phones for the pediatric oncology center that they'd at least have picked up a little something about pediatric oncology. Here's hoping, I guess.

I kept The Boy on my lap and continued to snuggle him. After a little while, he started to feel cooler. Sure enough, I took his temperature and it was 98.9 axillary. Higher than we'd like for him, but not high enough to require any special attention. Still no word from the doctor, but it looks like we're off the hook for now.

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nancy said...

~whew~. Low temp vibes for The Boy!