Saturday, December 27, 2008

Silly stuff

o/~ Please don't burn down my kitchen...please do not break my things o/~ (an original march-like tune, sung during last week's cooking festivities which included two sisters who had started major kitchen fires in the last year)

o/~ I have a little present...I made it out of food... and when it's good and ready...then you will know I poo'd! o/~ (by Musical Daddy, sung to the tune of "I Have a Little Dreidel")

My mother and I went to shul last night--the first time in awhile for me. It's hard to go, especially when The Boy isn't well. I doubt that I'll be able to take him, pretty much ever, until he is done with treatment, although perhaps when he is on the "up" side of the blood count rollercoaster, we can think about it.

It feels good that...we're doing okay, still. The Boy has still been eating a lot, although he's had some food come back up a few times. He doesn't seem to be otherwise sick, and he really ate a LOT at breakfast, so perhaps he ran out of room in there.

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nancy said...

Yay for the good appetite!!