Sunday, December 14, 2008

I've figured it out. Maybe.

Based on previous knowledge from The Boy's other treatment regimen, and based on his response to this one, I am speculating that each chemo treatment, at least by the end of it, is going to be lousy. We'll scale back his diet to include only the most basic and bland things, to be sure that he keeps food down. For the 10 days after he finishes the chemo, his condition will also be pretty lousy, as his counts will be dropping and he'll be getting more tired. We should be prepared for a neutropenic fever hospital stay during this time.

Then, he'll get better. He'll gradually begin to eat more of his usual food favorites. He'll play more. His counts will be better and we won't need to do neupogen shots for awhile. We can socialize too, provided that people aren't sick.

Then, we'll do chemo again and restart the whole process.

It makes for probably half the time being crappy and the other half being wonderful, because he's such a wonderful boy.

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