Friday, December 19, 2008

All Safe and Sound

I left the hospital this evening with the knowledge that The Boy is so loved by the two greatest people in the world--my mother, who drops everything for The Boy when he needs her. She repeatedly says that her life is a piece of cake at home. Which is somewhat true in that she has a pretty flexible schedule, except for the whole kitchen fire thing. And my husband--I walked out to the parking lot and discovered that he had removed the snow from my car. SO sweet.

The Boy finished his chemo meds without incident. His dinner was also finished without much incident. Except when he dropped his applesauce cup, half-finished, and it went everywhere. After we had just cleaned the toys and playmat. Sigh.

Will give the full report tomorrow. Right now I think I forgot to close the lid on the washing machine. Again.

EDIT: no I didn't--it's just running quietly because it is not full of bluejeans.

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mlgbears31 said...

I'm praying this time goes better for you. No stomach bugs and a boy one step closer to better health.