Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mr. Up-All-Night

It was another not-too-bad night but not-too-good in terms of The Boy in his bed.

He went to sleep without any issue for Daddy last night, and he stayed asleep until around the time that I was falling asleep, about 11:30. I went in and gave him quick snuggles and hugs as I put him back into bed.

Then he got out of bed again at about 3:00. Crawled across the hallway. Musical Daddy tried to put him back to bed but he was very much awake, so they went out to play for a bit. He asked me to take him after awhile, and I said that it was close enough to morning that we could just bring him in bed with us. This was at 4:00 AM or so. The boy drank some water and then went back to sleep. He stayed asleep even after I got out of bed, allowing me to take my time in taking my shower.

It would be fantastic if The Boy would just stop getting out of bed. And there's no way to reason with him on the subject. What we need to do is return him to his bed ASAP when he gets out. Any hugs and snuggles are to be given in there. Otherwise he'll think that the best thing to do is come across the hall to get attention.

Bed-sharing really did get us the most sleep but it's just not an option. Especially once I get all big and round.


areyoukiddingme said...

I'm so worried about releasing my girl from crib/jail. But she's starting to want to climb the rails, so it will have to be soon. Your sleep stories make me wonder if I'll ever get another night of uninterrupted sleep!

I'm sure he'll get through some nights eventually without waking...

the mol said...

If your daughter is a good sleeper in the crib by herself, she'll probably do okay in a bed. Considering that The Boy was not a by-himself sleeper, pretty much at all, with the exception of some naps, he's doing pretty darned well with the bed thing.