Saturday, January 3, 2009

Triumph (not the dog)!

Today was another rather good day. I like those days.

We all stayed in bed for quite awhile this morning. Took us awhile to get moving. For some reason, I woke up at 4:00 AM and tossed and turned trying to get back to sleep, finally succeeding sometime around 5:15 AM. So when the 8:15 AM tackles happened, I just wasn't ready.

We went out for breakfast at the diner, something that we hadn't done as a family in awhile, because it's just not a great idea to do with a boy who doesn't have much immunity, to go to a restaurant and have him sit in a high chair that other people use and mess up. In retrospect, we may have felt better using his booster chair from home (this one although you bet your booties grandma that I didn't pay that price for it) or, even, just putting him in a booster seat, as he is getting to that point where he can handle it. We brought our wipes (actually, I had them in the car, which wasn't a good idea, seeing as how they FROZE) and cleaned the chair and the tabletop before putting The Boy in there.

He ate from a plate, like a big man, instead of requiring his placemat. One less cleaning item for us. He ate every piece and scrap of scrambled eggs with ketchup, about half of the potatoes on his plate, and a few bites of my pancakes. He also drank some water and some juice. Side note: I think that he likes orange juice, so I'll have to get it for him next time. Not that he doesn't like apple juice, but if he is in good condition stomach-wise, I think that orange juice has more to it.

We spent several hours after that doing various forms of relaxing and puttering around. Someone was supposed to come over around lunchtime, but since he wasn't feeling well, he un-invited himself.

We got rid of three items by way of Freecycle today, which is great. If you're not familiar with it, it's sort of like an online swap meet. You can either offer things that you'd like to get rid of, or you can post items for which you are searching. Whomever is receiving the item is the one who does the people come to your house and take stuff that you don't need. Mostly, I've been getting rid of stuff. It's perfect if you don't really want to throw things away, because they may be in decent condition, but you don't want to keep or store them.

Some friends came over--Musical Daddy's best friend and his best friend's wife. Of course, they're close like family to us, so The Boy will call them Aunt L and Uncle B. Throughout most of their visit, The Boy was either sleeping or a bit more on the snuggly side. He didn't have any interest in the Mexican food that we had for dinner, but he did eat some of his steak and potatoes and broccoli leftovers.

The farewell was simply precious. He was waving bye-bye, he blew some kisses, and he actually said "bye-bye!" Naturally, we couldn't get him to say it again but 4 adults did hear him say it.

So sweet.

Very minor temperature scare, but fortunately, once again, it came back down after he had calmed down from being upset, probably still about his teeth.

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