Sunday, January 11, 2009

Counting down the hours, maybe.

The Boy is still doing reasonably well. He did not keep all of his breakfast down, but the doctor was not concerned. She said that sometimes the Carboplatin causes a little extra nausea. He is on Zofran regularly and will continue to take it at home.

It is 1:35 now. His Etoposide, which is the only chemo he is getting today, will be here at 4:00 and will finish at 5:00. They will keep him for a few more hours, to stay hydrated. His dinner will probably take place here, and then we'll get to go home.

That said, I am not completely counting on going home right away, just because...because. It seems more and more likely that we will be, but that's barring any complications. And obviously, we can't really bar any complications. They'll happen or not, regardless of our plans.

Grandma decided to take a cab to the airport tomorrow morning, so that The Boy would be spared the car ride. This means one less chance for there to be any messes in the car. I'm still waiting on the car seat cover that I ordered. A review will also follow, and if I like it, I'll order 1 or 2 more.

They're awake!! Lunch time. Hope for a positive experience...

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