Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting out!

Wednesday night is now orchestra night for me, which is great because it gives me something to do where I am surrounded only by adults and can talk (mostly) about normal people things.

It's a pretty good community group. The instrumentation is okay (they could use more cellos, I think, and more violas), and there actually is a bass section, which means I get to have instant friends.

My bass is being repaired, and the guy doing the work was kind enough to lend me an instrument from his shop. It has two thick nylon strings on the D and G and I don't even know what on the A and E. The instrument itself is decent--I had one just like it before I was so fortunate as to acquire my current instrument--but it isn't set up so well, and it sounds a bit like a tin can. And a bit like a guitar--I make fret noises when I shift.

The friend who originally told me about this orchestra (when I was still singing with a chorus on Wednesday nights) correctly predicted the gender of The Boy when I was pregnant with him. This time around, she says girl. My friend The Bari says boy again. I've been getting mixed reviews on this one, whereas last time pretty much everyone said I was having a boy.

Maybe I'm having a hermaphrodite. Hey--the "10 fingers, 10 toes, no tumors" request didn't say anything about any other oddities.

We'll find out in a month what we're having. In the meantime, bring on the speculation. Even though I want a brother for The Boy, I might be getting a sense that I'm having a girl. I picture a girl more often, when I imagine having two children. But I'm experiencing a similar pregnancy to what I had with The Boy, and I'm not showing so much.


areyoukiddingme said...

Getting out sounds like a fantastic idea.

I am completely incapable of predicting gender, but it's really the most fun pregnancy game out there!

Fluffy said...

My guess is girl :)

I hope you manage to get out a lot before he/she arrives!

Jennifer said...

If you haven't been sick a lot then I'll say Boy. I know it's not guaranteed because everyone is different, but a LOT of people I know were sick with the girls and not so much with the boys.